Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Back again!

I haven't thought about this blog for months and neither have I lost weight. I began so enthusiatically and then so many tragedies happened in the family I just wilted. I spent several weeks at home unable to do anything of think about anything. Then the summer holidays came. We've been away a lot and I have given no thought to eating and whilst I haven't really gained more than a few pounds I also haven't been trying to lose weight. ]
Since my last post i discovered that not only is blood pressure affected by all this weight, also my knee hurts if I move around too much. On holiday I had to wear a knee brace for walking even just down to the beach and only managed a couple of decent walks all holiday.My get up and go had got up and gone! I did though do loads of sea and pool swimming which was fabulous.
The picture is our holiday apartment. We found a farm which sold sheep skin rugs so between us we bought 9 so all the children now have them. My cousin and I bought two each and then lay them all on the bed for a silly photo shoot.
I have now planned the meals for the week, done the tesco shop, listed other recipes I want to do for next week and am ready to start afresh. I was so appalled by the lack of fitness on holiday and the affect on my body and my life It's imperative that I gain control so here goes.

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