Monday, 20 April 2009

Party panic

It's day two and I already have a wobble (amongst all the wobbly bits!). One of my friends is to be 40 and has a surprise party being planned. The phone call came out of the blue and has really put me into a panic. Not sure whether to just cry off and haven't even broached it with my husband. I haven't seen them for maybe three years and they are all super slim, super fit and very good looking. And me? Well enough said. The party is in three weeks and I just don't feel confident enough to go. This is unusual for me but i'm not sure I can face the "oh you look well!" Why do people always say this when you have gained welght? I suppose they have to say something but I think it would be better to say nothing. The looks say it all really.

Today has been good from an eating perspective except for the small chocolate indulged in at a meeting- they caught me at that "I want to go home and feel exhausted" time and just called out "We'll pep you up!" Must be more disciplined next time but 1 is better than 6!

I tried to upload a picture today. I couldn't crop the one I wanted so had to put up a least favourite- pictures are few and far between as I am always behind the camera, not in front. there's no editing package on this laptop so need to have a go at another time. Still hopefully over the months that may change- let's be positve

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