Friday, 18 September 2009


Well I now been back at weightwatchers for two weigh ins and have so far only lost two pounds. Mmm not too good. The leader today talked about a member called Lucy hot lips. Now this young lady pointed religiously for all the food she ate sitting down. Mmmm..... but not those little slivers of things eaten whilst preparing food. I stayed the same this week rather too many broken bits of biscuits and tiny slivers of cheese methinks.

I have bought a lovely A4 pad today as have been planning menus since the beginning of term and have decided to kept ese all in a book and use it as a tracker as well. I will be more organised! I have got better this term with keeping organised in general and this is just one step nearer.

The big concern I have is my knee pain. If I walk around much without the knee brace it hurts. Really don't want to go to the doctors as I know the first comment will be lose weight!! I am sure that weight loss will help this situation.Still I will see as the weight comes off.

I do wonder why emotional highs and lows make you want to eat and wonder why on earth this should be.! I know it's no excuse but does seem to affect eating. Its a great mystery to me as I know lots of people are like this. I reckon there must be I will eat when emotions are heightened gene!!!!!.

Well here goes for this week

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